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  • All illusions must be ordered - will be produced and adapted to your conditions, the binding order must be paid in advance 50% of the final price.
  • Production time of your props under the Agreement.
  • Cost and length of the lease under the agreement.
  • Reservation is required - reservation shall enter into force on the date of payment of the reservation fee, the minimum amount is 100, - Euro. Valid for 3 days, after this time a Rental Agreement will be signed. The deposit is at least 500, - EUR per prop. For longer lease than 30 days under the agreement.

Props suitable for you, you can choose according to photos and videos, or directly from us.


Dragon Box
First plexiglass cube in the world, a very small size - huge effect.
Fire Cage Illusion
In the middle of the iron cage magician lights a fire, then he covers the cage with a fabric - a fast movement follows when he pulls down the fabric and appears his assistant (audience applauds!).
Fire Spiker Illusion (Cabinet Appear)
During the relocation of fire torches through the prop can audience see the head and hands of the assistant, which moves (impossible. ..).
Origami box
Box of size 35 x 35 x 35 cm - in them is a folded assistant plus 3 swords passing through her (impossible!).
Elastic Girl
Illusion, which for decades entertains audiences of all generations - children and adults admire this illusion and are laughing by their presentation.
Metamorphosis Illusion
Almost during the whole illusion can the audience see directly inside the glass box where is undergoing an illusion, one fast movement with the material and exchange took place (the audience is not breathing ...).
Assistant disappears from the pyramid and will appear in the audience (the audience is enthusiastic!).
Metal Board
In front of eyes of spectators is the magician passing through 5 cm wide iron plate.
Windshear Illusion
Magician passes through vertiginous fan, upper fan is covered, the lower part can be seen throughout the whole illusion.
The body of the magician or his assistant disappears - and the audience can see only the legs below the knee and head (the viewer is amazed!).
Magician or his assistant disappears in the air in front of the eyes of spectators and appears between them.
Interlude Illusion + Drill
Through the stomach of the magician passes the drill and assistant (the torture chamber).
The appearance of the magician from the ark:
At the beginning the assistant opens all sides of the ark and shows to the audience an empty iron frame, then she closes it, and in the same moment appears in the ark the shadow of the magician and the magician comes out subsequently.
Piano Levitation Illusion
White piano that floats accompanied by the magician and rotates 360 degrees around its axis (the effect is fantastic, the audience stands up and applauds!).
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